Mr. Wang Guoxin, chairman of World Family Tradition Conference, giving a speech
Ms. Zheng Guilan, vice chairman of World Family Tradition Conference
Ms. Gu Xiulian, former vice chairman of the National People’s Congress announced the opening of the first World Family Tradition Conference
Picture taken during the conference

“No matter how much the times have changed, regardless of how much changes have taken place in the life pattern, we must pay attention to family-building, family-oriented, home-based education, and family-oriented.” General Secretary Xi Jinping has already done a homework for the foundation of the new era. . In keeping with the people’s style, the party style, the national wind, the past and the future, and the future, thousands of families are the important starting points for national development, national progress, and social harmony. “Family spirit is the spiritual core of a family, and it is also a microcosm of society’s value.” Xi Jinping’s emphasis and feelings on family, tutorship and family style are inseparable from his own personal growth experience. As a national leader, his attention and emphasis on family style also have more than ordinary people’s boxing and profound meaning. He mentioned in his family’s homework to his father “home tutor” and “families”: “Father’s thrift is almost harsh. Continue reading “2018 FIRST WORLD FAMILY TRADITION CONFERENCE”