Mr. Wang Guoxin, chairman of World Family Tradition Conference, giving a speech
Ms. Zheng Guilan, vice chairman of World Family Tradition Conference
Ms. Gu Xiulian, former vice chairman of the National People’s Congress announced the opening of the first World Family Tradition Conference
Picture taken during the conference

“No matter how much the times have changed, regardless of how much changes have taken place in the life pattern, we must pay attention to family-building, family-oriented, home-based education, and family-oriented.” General Secretary Xi Jinping has already done a homework for the foundation of the new era. . In keeping with the people’s style, the party style, the national wind, the past and the future, and the future, thousands of families are the important starting points for national development, national progress, and social harmony. “Family spirit is the spiritual core of a family, and it is also a microcosm of society’s value.” Xi Jinping’s emphasis and feelings on family, tutorship and family style are inseparable from his own personal growth experience. As a national leader, his attention and emphasis on family style also have more than ordinary people’s boxing and profound meaning. He mentioned in his family’s homework to his father “home tutor” and “families”: “Father’s thrift is almost harsh.

The strictness of tutoring is also well known. Since we were young, we have cultivated the habit of diligent family keeping under the education of our father. This is an example of the style of the old Bolsheviks and the communists. Such a good family atmosphere should be handed down from generation to generation. “In the post-70s and 80s, the backbone of society, the new era of flourishing in the post-90s and the 00s, the spirit of the times needs the style of the times, and the society of the times to build the society of the times.” The family is the basic cell of society. Thousands of families have good family traditions, good education for their children, and good social atmosphere. As every citizen of the Chinese nation, we should consciously promote moral cultivation so that everyone will become the inheritors, practitioners, and guardians of Chinese traditional virtues, Chinese outstanding culture, and socialist core values. “This is the request of General Secretary Xi Jinping, and it is also a kind of expectation. The style of the family is to say that it is a family’s development plan and guidelines. It is the foundation of a family’s prosperity. It is a national atmosphere to be big. It is a The basis and guidelines for the development of the country As a country with a history of 5,000 years, talking about family style at any time will not be out of date.

Home is the smallest country, and the country is ten million. On the occasion of the 25th “International Family Day” of the United Nations, the first World Wind Convention was held at the Beijing Convention Center on the morning of May 15, 2018. The former vice chairman of the National People’s Congress Gu Xiulian attended the meeting and announced the opening.     The theme of the conference is “Start from home and embrace the world.” The goal is to implement the concept of “the world under one roof,” promote modern family traditions, promote social harmony, and build a community of human destiny to add positive energy to the development of China and the world.     The conference was initiated by the study of China, Sheng Shilun culture, the Chinese Yanhuang Culture Research Association, the China Cultural Soft Power Research Center, and the “Culture Soft Power” magazine, and the Beijing Dexing Tianxia Foundation. The conference lasted for two days and ended on May 16. Nearly 600 guests from home and abroad attended the conference.

“The foundation of the world lies in the family. The Chinese nation has always attached importance to the building of family traditions. The traditional family concept of the Chinese nation has been integrated into the bloodline of the Chinese people and has become an everlasting spiritual force for the Chinese nation.” Vice Chairman of the World Wind Convention, Honorary Vice President, Greece Chen Kaizhi, Honorary Chairman of Yinxian Education Foundation expressed that “through the exchange and exploration of the open world platform of the World Wind Convention, we will respect modernity, seek common ground while reserving differences, and build a modern family atmosphere with respect to commonalities of family style.”  Vice Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the World Wind Convention and Chang Wenguang, Executive Vice Chairman and Chairman of the China Yanhuang Culture Research Association believes that the First World Conference on Family Winds has important practical significance and historical significance. The Chinese nation is one of the nations most concerned with the family in the history of mankind. Today, with the reform and opening up, Chinese culture has come to the world and has important historical significance for the sustainable development of culture.

“The state of the country is at home, the root of the family is in people, and people are in the body. Family style is also a kind of cultural soft power.” Zhang Guozheng, vice chairman of the Organizing Committee of the World Wind Convention, and director of the China Cultural Soft Power Research Center, said that “national development needs Hard and soft power develops at the same time. Material is hard power, culture is soft power, family style is culture, and cultural soft power, the World Family Style Conference is right at the right moment. Today is the World Family Day, and China has valued it since ancient times. Home-style construction: The family is the smallest country, and the country is tens of thousands. The Chinese family virtue respects the young, loves the young, works diligently, has knowledge of books, observes discipline, and abides by the law, home and everything, and lives endlessly. These are the virtues of the traditional family. Especially important.” Zhang Guoxuan believes that when the building of family atmosphere coincides with the time, China has entered a new era. President Xi has proposed a community of human destiny. We must do a good job of the family and the whole world must do a good job of the family. The conference was held in China and it happened to be on the ground. In order to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, we must attach importance to the building of family atmosphere. The Chinese dream is also a family dream.

The guest speaker of the conference and the chairman of the China International Engineering Committee Koma Kai brought a 103-year-old mother to the conference, which symbolized the “Songha Yannian of the World Family Congress”. The particularly fluent Chinese of Komakay said that the United Nations regards the family as the basic unit of society. On the 25th International Family Day, the theme is “Family and Inclusive Society”. It is appropriate to hold it in Beijing because the spirit of Beijing includes inclusion. Promote society’s understanding of the family and promote family and inclusive society, because the spirit of Beijing is to include the spirit of tolerance, to promote inclusiveness and sustainable development. In the world, everyone here is a family. Today, I was fortunate to have a “family meeting” and expressed my highest respect for the family in all parts of the world. Congratulations on the successful conclusion of this first session of the World Wind Convention.

“A good family atmosphere is the bloodline of a good family. A good family atmosphere makes a good family. A good family cultivates good children. Good children build a good society. The family atmosphere is pure, everything is rainy, and everything is gone.” According to Chen Jiancai, executive chairman of the World Winds Convention Organizing Committee, “In the face of lack of integrity, irrational morality, diversified values, and complex and changeable social phenomena, the change in the style of the family’s social atmosphere can only lead to a clear source of prosperity. A good family has become an important base point for supporting national development, national progress, and social harmony. To this end, Chen Jiancai, on behalf of the Organizing Committee of the World Family Congress, issued the “Family Construction” project of the World Family Congress series.     Chen Jiancai said that the World Furniture Conference Organizing Committee, based on people’s realistic and future needs for the construction of family style, will first plan to establish a home cultural and creative design institute, and secondly, after the first World Wind Convention, it will be held on May 15 of each year. From the 16th to the 16th, a World Congress of Family Winds will be held. Thirdly, an annual family cultural exposition will be planned (the time is from the first day to the fifteenth of the annual lunar calendar). The fourth is the plan to build a home in the suburbs of big cities (Home Culture Park). ).

It is reported that the World Congress of Family Winds takes the mission of “building a community of human destiny” as its mission, the vision of “the United States and the United States, the common people and the world”, taking the “self-cultivation Qi Jiaping world” as the core values, and the principle of “building a human destiny community from home” as the core concept. With the idea of ​​”using Xide to create homes and being good at the world,” we will use new ideas and new methods to promote the building of a new family atmosphere.

“People must have homes, homes must have training.” The Chinese have always attached importance to the education and inheritance of the door-to-door family style, stressing cultivation and reading, and poetry. The new era calls for good family atmosphere and new family atmosphere. At the conference, many experts and scholars expressed their feelings towards the homeland and actively made suggestions on the construction of family atmosphere. Among them, Yu Dan, Dean of the Institute of Cultural Innovation and Communication of Beijing Normal University, made a remark on “Reconstructing China’s Tutors and Doors” at the forum.”

In all forms of civilization, Han civilization is the most family-oriented, ‘home country’, although the family is small but it is the basic elements of ‘country’ and ‘the world’, no home without a country.” Famous scholar Professor Yu Dan, There are deep feelings that “the current social chaos is mostly caused by the disintegration of families and the loss of core family construction.    The core of Chinese traditional culture is the ethical value. The ethical value is the logical starting point for Chinese people to look at themselves, treat their families, and view society. Yu Dan believes that family style is a common way of life and a cultural atmosphere in which family members are deeply affected and universally displayed. Tutorism is an ethical identity and a kind of rule recognition. Yu Dan said, “For the Chinese, there is nothing More important than home.”

(Confucius in the Seventy-Five-generation Sun and Confucius Institute Vice Dean Kong Xianglin made a speech: “Poetry and Literacy: Confucius Family’s Ancestors’ Training and Family Style”)   The first World Wind Convention highlights frequently. What attracts people’s attention is that Confucius Yan Sun and Yan Zizhao Sun Lianxi attended the meeting and passed on to teach family style. Confucius was a grandson of the Seventy-fifth Confucius Institute and Kong Xianglin, the deputy director of the Confucius Institute, taught “The Family of Poems: The Ancestral Training and Family Style of the Confucius Family”. Yan Tingfu, the grandson of the 78th generation of Yan Zi and the director of the Qufu Confucius Institute of Culture. “Yan’s Family Traditions” inherited the classic connotation of the outstanding family tradition and won widespread response and resonance from the guests.

Kong Xianglin said that the sons and grandsons of the Confucius family care for the family, the grandson attaches great importance to education, the family attaches importance to education, the women attach importance to education (emphasizing the education of children, encouraging support for her husband to study), and at the same time, Li Menyi family rules, and establish a management system, establish a management agency In order to improve management measures, Yan Shenggong has formulated a family-wide rule.

Kong Xianglin believes that the book of poetry and music extend to the world. The ancestral training of poetry rituals, the family traditions of poetry and ancestors, the emphasis on the tradition of education, the family rules of Limenyi Road, and the various privileges granted by the court, have made the Confucius family one of the highest literary levels in China. The younger generation are numerous and numerous.

In the afternoon of May 16th, the First World Congress of the Family held in Beijing held the “New Age New Family” Imagination Interactive Future Forum. On the forum, Chen Jiancai, the founder of the founding member of China and the executive chairman of the World Wind Convention Organizing Committee, first announced on behalf of the organizers that the second World Congress of Winds would be ready to start and the Beijing Dexing Tianxia Charity Foundation would continue to host the event.

The forum was moderated by Zhong Dawen, the host of CCTV’s “Struggle” column and the anchoring chair of Beijing Academy of Performing Arts.

Chen Jiancai, Executive Chairman of Organizing Committee of the Founder of the China Founder and the World Wind, and Chairman of the Executive Committee of the First World Congress of Family Winds, Li Li, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the World Family of Winds and Chairman of the Beijing Shengshilun Cultural Investment Management Co., Ltd. Li Li, World Vice Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Jiafeng Conference, the organizer of the meeting, Tan Jin, Chairman of the Beijing Dexing Tianxia Foundation, Guangqin Daily, Chief Correspondent of the Republic of China, Chen Keqin, and Chairman of the World Music Bureau Jinhua Culture Co., Ltd. Rao Yuhua, together with the New Era, “New Family Style” as the theme, Imagine the future of family style construction, and conduct interactive dialogues.

Mr. Chen Jiancai, executive chairman of the Organizing Committee for Learning Chinese Founder and the World Wind Convention, first represented the organizer. He thanked the organizer of the Beijing Dehang Tianxia Foundation and Chairman Tan Jin for their hard work and preparation. The on-site announcement of the 2nd World Wind Convention began today and preparations were held from May 15 to May 16, 2019 in Beijing. The Beijing Dexing Tianxia Charity Foundation continued to be entrusted to continue as the organizer.

Mr. Li Li, the vice chairperson of the Organizing Committee of the World Wind and the chairperson of the first session of the World Congress of Family Winds, and Chairman of Beijing Shengshilun Cultural Investment Management Co., Ltd., said with excitement that the World Wind Convention was a surprise and we finally took this step. We have created miracles here, we have given birth to the seeds, we have set out from home, and we have really started! Next, we will continue to do a good job of the World Wind Convention, actively promote the organizing committee, the executive committee, and the Secretariat to get on the right track at an early date. At the same time, the eight major events that have been released yesterday will allow these activities to truly fall on the ground. Sheng Shilun culture contributes to this new business system for China and the world.

Rao Yuhua, Chairman of the World Music Bureau Jinhua Culture Co., Ltd. Rao said that the large-scale industrial plan to be launched by the family convention will involve everyone. The family convention will open a new tomorrow and hope that everyone will join it.

The chief correspondent of the Guangming Daily in Israel, Chen Keqin, encouraged everyone to say that everyone participating in the conference should not underestimate what he is doing. This is an event that has never been done before, has come, and has merit. I invited Israeli friends to attend the meeting. Israeli friends are very interested in this meeting because the people in the Middle East believe that the Chinese nation is an ancient, intelligent nation.

Chen Keqin said: The Middle East is the cradle of our humanity. There are more than a dozen brilliant civilizations in the Middle East. The Jewish nation alone has been wandering for more than two thousand years. There is no country, no land, and only family style. Because of the good family education, this nation has not died out. Such a small nation’s contribution to human society far exceeds the proportion of its population by more than a hundred times, and it has made tremendous contributions to mankind. This nation has faith, mainly relying on tutoring and family traditions. The bottom line of the Jews’ family tradition is to respect the love of the sky. Second, the education of the children is curiosity. They are good at raising questions, taking care of others, and having good hearts. The entire Jewish nation has an unparalleled emphasis on education. The budget for education in Israel has never been reduced. Free education is available from kindergarten to university. The best investment is education. The best defense is education. Chen Keqin said that in the 40 years of reform and opening up, our biggest mistake was education. President Xi has always advocated the issue of family building. This is completely correct.

Tam Jin, chairman of the Beijing Dexing Tianxia Foundation, responded by saying that my biggest feeling was that my family members had been wronged. For the first time, many localities did not do well, and everyone was very qualified. I was very touched. We hope that each of us will see positive things, influence others with positive energy, and influence the whole world. The world is more exciting because of us. Tan Jin said that there is no future in one’s thinking and there is no future in his business life. The forefront of the term artificial intelligence, to liberate everyone from time to time, if people do nothing, the future of the world is the era of cultural prevalence. I hope to gather people of insight from all walks of life through the platform of the Family Wind Convention. Each generation of our people has the mission of each generation. The mission of our generation is to help the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. The mission calls for the mission and the mission leads the future.

One side of the land and water, to raise a person, no matter where we go, we are cherished with the attachment of their homeland, “I love my hometown, a land, do not love the gold and two thousand dollars.” Hands holding the Holy Land, feelings of a cross, pedaling the Holy Land, the power doubled, the homeland is difficult to leave, the Holy Land is priceless. Because the holy soil contains the ancestors, “sage”, the great gene, contains the ancestors yearning for a better life, containing their hope for future generations.     The Holy Land relay activity is to inherit the ancestral genes, aiming at inheriting and carrying forward the excellent culture of surnames, accommodating consensus, and promoting a new era of harmony and struggle. Make the Chinese nation more and more great.


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